Whisky Grain Exploration Experience


The most important characteristic of any whisky is its "mash bill" - i.e., what grain (or grains) were fermented and distilled? A mash bill can consist of a single grain - e.g., 100% rye, or 100% wheat - or a mix, e.g. half and half. Staple whisky grains include barley, corn, rye, and wheat, with oats and millet gaining popularity.

The first step in discovering your favourite whisky is to try single-grain distillations of each of the staples. This isn't an easy task, as most whisky labels don't reveal their true mash bill, and our worthless food and drug regs let labels refer to their whisky as "rye whisky" even if it doesn't contain any rye as well as allowing for the use of artificial flavouring without an ingredients panel or any disclosure (B.02.020).

Our goal with these classes is to elevate people's whisky game. After our class, you'll be able to speak with certainty as to your whisky preferences based on the actual whisky essence of different grains. You'll get a thorough walk through of the art of the distillation and an explanation of the still from the distiller, as well as a guided tasting of various whisky grains fresh off the still.

Minimum 4 people required, please email info(at)torontodistillery.ca to schedule before you purchase.