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Organic Beet Spirit


Think you’ve tried it all? Think again! Huge in Napoleonic France and making a come back in Toronto, this organic craft spirit is one you won’t find anywhere else. It’s distilled like a whisky, but from fermented sugar beets, and features a rich soil earthiness – like drinking a garden! Try it in a Caesar or Mojito. Want something easier? Just add ginger beer and enjoy a Beet & Stormy! The organic sugar beets are grown for us by Zephyr Organic’s, also featured in Toronto Life Holiday Gift Guide!

USA Delivery, Order Online at Cellar.com.

Try an “Urban Beet”! Our Organic Beet Spirit was used by Alex and Priya from A Vine Romance to make a beautiful and delicious “Urban Beet” cocktail! Super easy too: Start with five thin slices of cucumber, muddle five large leaves of mint, two ounces of Organic Beet Spirit, top off with tonic, stir, and add a twist of lime!

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