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Organic Applejack


Our Organic Applejack begins with the ripe crispness of freshly distilled apple cider from apples grown by Avalon Orchards in Innisfil, Ontario. After distilling Avalon’s cider, we smooth it out with pure organic neutral spirit, and then age it in charred oak whisky barrels to bring about a rich apple spirit of exceptional character. Unlike many apple beverages, no sugar or flavouring agents are added to this spirit. To highlight this fact, we worked with Andrew Roberts of FoodPros.ca to deploy the first spirit in the market to be packaged with a Nutrition Facts panel, which evidences that this is a straight spirit with nothing added but distilled water. The label features scenes from Keele & Dundas in the Junction and Avalon Orchard in Innisfil. Label Design by Charles Benoit, Illustration by Ellen McGrath, Photo Credit Andrew Illingworth.
750mL / 40% alc./vol. Enjoy!

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