About Us


About Toronto Distillery Co. The Toronto Distillery Company was founded in 2012 intent on distilling Ontario's agricultural bounty, the city's first new distillery since 1933. We believe that what's harvested for the spirit is as important as how it's distilled, and we're committed to sharing the whole story of our spirits, from field to glass. All our spirits are distilled on site and showcase Ontario’s agricultural bounty. By operating within organic channels, we can distill spirits free of synthetic pesticides, exploring the province's geography as naturally as possible. We also benefit from the traceability standards inherent in organic production, meaning we can link each bottle to a specific harvest, and share that information with our customers.



Retail Store is now CLOSED. Despite four years of advocacy, and working with the Premier's Advisory Council on the need for a graduated tax for spirits (similar to Ontario's beer tax), in Dec. 2016 the Wynne government passed a 61.5% sales tax on distillery retail stores. We hope the situation will improve soon, and in the mean time we'll continue to lay down barrels. Hope we can have you over again soon. 



Toronto Distillery Co. is proud to be a founding member of the Ontario Craft Distillers Association.