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Toronto Distillery Co.’s Constitutional Challenge: Losing a Battle, Winning the War? It’s been one hell of a ride for Toronto Distillery Co. this past year! In July 2015, TDC filed a constitutional challenge against the province’s revenue collection practices vis-à-vis Ontario distillery onsite retail stores. Currently, Ontario has no spirits tax, so […]

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Organic Beet Spirit $34.96 Think you’ve tried it all? Think again! Huge in Napoleonic France and making a come back in Toronto, this organic craft spirit is one you won’t find anywhere else. It’s distilled like a whisky, but from fermented sugar beets, and features a rich soil earthiness – like […]

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Whisky Grain Exploration Experience $25.00 The most important characteristic of any whisky is its “mash bill” – i.e., what grain (or grains) were fermented and distilled? A mash bill can consist of a single grain – e.g., 100% rye, or 100% wheat – or a mix, e.g. half and half. Staple whisky grains […]

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