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Which Rum To Choose To Make The Best Mixed Rum?

Wondering which good rum to choose to make the best mixed rum?

Unfortunately, we will not give you a definitive answer on this. It depends mainly on your tastes and the type of arranged rum you want to get after maceration.

The best Rum?  agricultural, industrial, brown, old

Popularly, it is the agricultural white rum that is preferred at the expense of industrial rum also called traditional rum. In addition to the manufacturing method, the big difference between agricultural rum and industrial rum lies in the raw material used to make it. Agricultural rum is produced by fermentation of a pressed cane juice while industrial rum comes from molasses which is a syrup recovered from the sugar industry. In general and to simplify, agricultural rums will have aromas and vegetable notes from sugar cane while molasses rums will have more or less caramelized aromas due to the process of crystallizing sugar in sweets.

But don’t think again, there is very good rum regardless of the method used. In addition, you can also opt for amber, brown or old rum rums. Indeed, a brown rum will have woody notes that will combine very well with spices. On the other hand we advise you to avoid brown rums with fruit, especially since these rums are more expensive. The choice of the best rum therefore depends on your preference even if agricultural rums are preferred to prepare the best mixed rums.

Best Degree of Alcohol Rum?

Another factor to consider when choosing the best rum is the degree of alcohol. Do you like drinks that are rather strong or rather light? If you like very powerful arranged rums, we advise you to use a Guadeloupean rum (Marie-Galante) like a Father Labat, or a Bielle that headline around 60 degrees of alcohol. For more balanced arranged rums, you can turn to rums of 50 degrees like a Bologna, a Reimonenq, a Dillon or a Charrette. For less strong drinks, you can find Rums Saint James, Charrette or Damoiseau around 40 degrees of alcohol. One thing is for sure, between the rums of Guadeloupe, Martinique or Reunion, you will find your happiness.

Best Mixed Rum: Sweet or Not Sweet? 

There are two schools even if generally one agrees on the fact that a rum arranged little sweet or without added sugar (cane sugar or neutral sugar) is preferable sugar covering the aromas .     

The same is true for spices (cinnamon, vanilla ..) which brings an interesting flavour/ scent but this at the expense of the aroma of the other ingredients in amceration (in mono maceration)

So there are no miraculous rums to prepare your best arranged rums. It depends mostly on the end result you want to get and your palate. You have to choose a rum that you like! Of course, the ingredients you choose will also be very important when macerating. Waterlogged fruits greatly reduce the alcohol content of your preparation, unlike spices or fruit with little water. We therefore advise you to adapt the choice of rum in terms of taste and power according to the ingredients you want to macerate. And above all, have fun testing different recipes and ingredients. In order to nourish your creative spirit, we invite you to discover our mono maceration arranged rums. Explosion of flavours guaranteed! Ps: You can also mix them to get unusual associations.

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