Whisky Live highlights November 04 2013

Thanks to everyone who came by our booth Friday night at Whisky Live Toronto - we had a blast and we're riding high on all of your support! We debuted our Red Fife wheat spirit for the first time in public, which we're very proud of. The Red Fife was offered alongside our Soft White Winter Wheat, and I think many people were surprised at just how different two 100% wheat mash bills could be. Hell, we were surprised! The Soft White has a floral nose, with green apple and cereal coming to the forefront. The Red Fife is much spicier, nuttier.

We're also proud to be part of a growing distilling community in Ontario, and it's great whenever we have an excuse to all get together. Also, fun fact: Jesse and I are both 31, Geoff Dillon is 27, and Amanda (66 Gilead) and Daniel (Still Waters) are 26. Are the majority of Ontario's distillers now millenials?

The TDC table: Charles (white shirt, 3rd from left), Jesse, Peter, and Tessa. In addition to our Soft White and Red Fife wheat spirits, we brought along fresh-off-the-still jars of heads, hearts and tails, to give people the opportunity to smell the different phases of a spirits run.

Barry & Barry from Still Waters Distillery present their Stalk & Barrel Single Malt whisky, made from 100% Canadian two-row malted barley. Ontario's first single malt in over a century!

66 Gilead Distillery - beautiful distillery, beautiful display, and most importantly - wonderful, innovative offerings. Very glad to try their Dark Island rum, which is already sold out until next year.

Chief Distiller Geoff Dillon of Dillon's did something very cool: on offer was tastings of his 100% rye spirit aged roughly a year, one in a used Four Roses barrel, and another in a new high char Canadian Oak barrel. Both we're interesting, unique, and really good!

We couldn't resist. We saw an opportunity to pull aside John Hall of Forty Creek, and we took it. When Canadian Whisky was at perhaps its lowest point in history, John dived in and breathed life back into it, and for that we should all be forever grateful.