Update: Going Organic & First Bar July 11 2013

We're going organic! For the same reason we started a distillery in the first place. We're doing it because we want to distill this province's agricultural bounty. We want to explore Ontario's geography through spirits in as natural a way as possible. Certified Organic means you're drinking in this province's harvest free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Working with our certifer, Ecocert Groupe Canada, has been great - helping us implement a first rate system that tracks Ontario's harvest from field to glass. Each bag of organic grain we buy comes with an ID marker that tracks the grain from the farm through the mill and into each distilled & bottled batch. Ecocert is helping us work through these high standards in our own distilling process - a first for Ontario! Ultimately, a dream would be to help realize a terroir of spirits for the province.

We've got a bit more work to do before out distillery is certified (Joel - thanks for not giving up on us after I opened a Coke Zero during your first visit!). In the mean time, we did manage to get a case of our distilled wheat spirit (same organic grain, but not a certified spirit) through the LCBO private ordering system. Our friends at Happy Child Bar will be glad to pour you a glass, neat or in one of James' exceptional cocktails (my favourite- La Ultima Parabla).