Jacqueline Phillips


Our Constitutional Fight $10.00 Help Toronto Distillery Co. fight for our collective constitutional rights! Specifically Section 53 of the Constitution, which protects Canadians from having to pay taxes based on the whim of an official. Right now, Ontario doesn’t have a spirits tax, and instead the LCBO is imposing its markup – […]

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Organic Applejack $39.82 Our Organic Applejack begins with the ripe crispness of freshly distilled apple cider from apples grown by Avalon Orchards in Innisfil, Ontario. After distilling Avalon’s cider, we smooth it out with pure organic neutral spirit, and then age it in charred oak whisky barrels to bring about a rich […]

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Organic Ontario Single-Grain Whiskies (unaged) When whisky comes fresh off the still, it’s clear. But don’t mistake it for a vodka or a gin, as the distillation processes are night and day. With whisky, the aim is to capture as much of the flavour of the grain as possible, whereas […]

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First Barrels – Straight Canadian Whisky $49.95 First Barrels – Straight Canadian Whisky SOLD OUT! $49.95, 750mL, 42% alc./vol. (84 proof). Only 1,452 bottles exist! Rare historic artifact of the rebirth of whisky distilling in one of the historically great whisky cities of the world. Order online and you’ll get e-mailed a […]

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